September 4, 2014

Real Friends Are There for Each Other: Bride Wars (2009)


I've always enjoyed movies about good friendships; particularly ones that tend to span a great a deal of time, like decades. Having had a few lengthy friendships in my own life, I am living proof that it is indeed possible to  to have long term friendships where you can grow simultaneously and not end up growing apart. The movie Bride Wars is a great example of two friends who not only grow up together, but managed to maintain their relationship well into adulthood while continuing to grow as individuals. Even with all of the challenges that are inherent in long term friendships, in the end, as in the movie Bride Wars, it becomes evident that real friends will continue to be there for each other, just as they ought to be.

From the beginning of the movie, Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) were inseparable and there was no mistaking that they were not just real friends, but besties. For example, when a mutual friend attempts to call out Emma, in the middle of her wedding reception mind you, for recycling a black dress that she was wearing, Liv steps in to defend her as everyone looks on. Besides the fact that their so-called friend did such a thing in the first place, it just goes to show you that Liv had Emma's back. And, it wasn't long before we saw Emma returning the favor as evidenced when she consoled Liv as she became emotional during a pre-engagment party when she began thinking about her deceased parents not being able to witness yet another momentous occasion in her life.

Even though they were the best of friends and seemingly inseparable, upon learning that their chosen wedding venue was fully booked, causing them the dilemma of having to determine who was going to switch their wedding date, their solid friendship began to crack. However, in true chick flick style, and dare I say true to life, real friendship perseveres above just about any challenge and that is exactly what happened. We even got to see that Liv had a real friendship with her fiance Daniel (Steve Howey) as demonstrated by their loving involvement in wedding planning activities together and his tendered consolation during her period of estrangement with Emma. Unfortunately, we also saw that Emma did not have the same kind of friendship with her fiance Fletcher (Chris Pratt), which made it no surprise when the two called off their engagement and wedding by the end of the movie.

True to romantic comedy archetype, the disagreement between Liv and Emma did build up to a faux dramatic climax, and we saw the two make up during a moment of clarity. More importantly, however, they movie concluded with them resuming their mutually supportive friendship, just like real friends would. 

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