October 22, 2014

Change Is Good: Dorfman In Love (2011)

We are all creatures of habit (some of us more than others), and as a result, we sometimes find ourselves in a rut. This is particularly true with respect to our relationships with family, and sometimes friends. You know, the labels that we all have; well it all starts with family. This is why I could immediately identify with the main character in Dorfman in Love (2011). She too had to learn to change, or else she would be stuck in the same rut with her friends and family.A lesson we all could benefit from.

In the beginning of the movie Dorfman in Love (2011), Debra "Deb" Dorfman (Sara Rue) is stuck in a couple of ruts. She takes care of her father (although he is of able mind and body...he is however in mourning from the loss of his wife), she loyally works for her brother's agency (although she could really cut it on her own as an accountant as she does all the real work at the firm anyway) and she's stuck in a romantic purgatory with her crush since childhood which was fueled by her obsession with romance novels (although it is clear that he is aware of her crush and simply likes using that knowledge to get favors from her). In other words, everyone in Deb's life is dependent on her (on some level) and as much as this annoys her, it also gives her a distraction so that she doesn't have to acknowledge that she doesn't know who she is outside of being everyone's go-to person or figure out what she wants instead. That is until one of her gestures to win the affection of her longtime crush, lands her in his undecorated condo for a week long getaway from her life.

By simply being in a different space for a week, Deb was able to open herself up to meeting and spending time with new people that gave her a new perspective. She began to change from the inside out (starting with a makeover) and that change began to reflect in her confidence level. The biggest changes, however, resulted in her standing up for her much deserved raise with her brother, declaring her independence with her dad and in an interesting turn of events, she realized that she only interested in the idea of her long time crush, not the actual person.

In the end, Deb not only began to embrace the idea of change more, but also learned to stand up for herself, and in doing so, opened herself up to the possibility of finding real love with someone she didn't expect to fall for. The lesson here: embrace change, not only is it inevitable, but there are great opportunities that often come along with it that ultimately give us the chance to lead a more happy and fulfilled life; just like Deb Dorfman.

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