October 1, 2014

When One Door Closes, Another One Opens: You've Got Mail (1998)

One of the things that I have learned over the years is that every time something comes to an end, it never fails, that something else will begin. And, this truth pretty much applies to any and everything. Just recently, I made the decision to leave a dead end abusive job and within the last two weeks, I found myself landing another employment opportunity that was more suitable to my professional goals. It also helped that I had been constantly applying for other opportunities, albeit infrequently, long before I gave my notice to the job from hell. Nevertheless, although I chose to close the door to my old job, before I walked through "the door" for the first time, so to speak, another door appeared for me to walk through, and subsequently has led me to a more professionally fulfilling opportunity. You've Got Mail (1998) is a great example of this very concept.

You've Got Mail (1998) is one of my favorite movies of all time and definitely my all time favorite Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movies ever made. While there is so much positivity in this movie, I can only concentrate on one theme and to me, one of the strongest themes in this movie, is the message that when one door closes, another one opens. The movie follows the story of Kathleen "Kathy" Kelly (Meg Ryan) on her journey to discovering a new path, previously unpaved by her mother, that not only led her to finding true love, in Joe Fox (Tom Hanks), but also finding a potentially new career path in writing.

When the movie starts, Kathy was a creature of habit and didn't want to accept the changes that were occurring in her personal and professional life. Specifically, she and her live in boyfriend Frank Navasky (Greg Kinnear), were growing apart due to personality and fundamental differences, but she consistently ignored. Professionally, and perhaps most impacting, was the change that affected her professional and then subsequently her personal life as well, when Fox Book superstore (a Barnes & Noble like store) opened up near her little book boutique. Although she initially resisted the arrival of the new book superstore, she eventually learned to accept the inevitable when her bookstore closed. She even gained an unlikely friend thereafter, in none other than the son of the owner of the company that put her bookstore out of business. How's that for irony; or is it, because nothing is coincidence?

By the end of the movie, Kathy had indeed learned to stop resisting the many changes in her life and as it turned out, she gained a lot in the way of happiness, as a result. Her new beau, Joe Fox, also had learned a thing or two with respect to changes. For him, the primary change or door that closed was his relationship with his live in girlfriend, Patricia Eden (Parker Posey). However, after initially resisting, he finally gave in to his curiosity and walked through the door of a new opportunity for which to his surprise led him down a road of not only self discovery, but also down the path to true love. You see, that's exactly what happens in real life. So, remember the next time you experience a situation, any situation whether its personal or professional or anything in between, believe me, a new door will open. It's only just a matter of time!

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