November 12, 2014

Don't Bet On Someone Failing in Love: I Give It A Year (2013)

We all know people who have been in relationships that they never should have been in. Sometimes, we were those people. But regardless of whether you saw fit to say something to warn your friend (or family member) about their impending relationship doom that everyone else saw coming from a mile away, or not, at some point you probably realized that being there for that person was much more important. After all, you may think it best for your friend to not pursue a relationship with someone- who may for all intents and purposes bring out the worse in them or stifle their personal growth- but they may think differently. Ultimately, staying or not staying is their choice, is it not? I Give It A Year (2013) is one of the best movies that helps remind us all to not only mind our own business (barring anything illegal or dangerous occurring), and just roll with the punches because that's what a friend does. 

In the movie, I Give It A Year (2013), newlyweds Natasha "Nat" Redfern (Rose Bryne) and Joshua "Josh" Moss (Rafe Spall) find themselves quickly falling out of love with each other practically as soon as they said "I do."  Even their friends could see that they were completely mismatched for one another and apparently couldn't hold it in; as evidenced when Nat's friend Naomi (Minnie Driver) made the comment to her husband during the Nat and Josh's wedding that she thought their marriage would implode within a year. She called it; but seriously, that wasn't nice.

Sure enough, after nine months of playing the part of a happily married couple and just shy of their one year anniversary, Nat and Josh finally started to realize the demise of their marriage. They couldn't agree on anything, and they stopped trying to. It certainly didn't help their relationship when Josh's ex came back into town, reigniting his feelings for her and Nat began to develop feelings for one of her clients at work.

Even after attempting marriage counseling, Nat and Josh, ultimately came to the conclusion that not only were they ill suited for one another, but they each had fallen in love with other people; Nat with her client from work, Guy Harrap (Simon Baker) and Josh with his former flame Chloe (Anna Faris). Although they proved their friends and family right by deciding to end their marriage, but more importantly they chose to be happy, even if it meant being with other people. They loved each other enough to walk away from the relationship and that was a conclusion that they each had to arrive at on their own. So, don't waste your time badmouthing the relationship of someone you care about, because in the end they are going to do what they want anyway and you have to go along with it. Save yourself the drama and keep the peace with your friends.

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