November 6, 2014

Don't Hold Back: The Switch (2010)

Have you ever wanted something but you didn't have the guts to pursue it? Did you want to be with someone, but never told them how you felt because you were too scared? I've never really been one to not go after something that I've wanted, but I have, in my past, been in a situation where I didn't tell someone how I felt about them. It sucks; there's no sugar coating it; especially when the object of your affection is with someone else. But, the good thing is that you could potentially turn things around at any time. That is, if you stop holding yourself back and go after what you want. The movie The Switch (2010) is a perfect reminder of why we all shouldn't hold back on our feelings when it comes to the object of our affection.

In the movie, The Switch (2010), Wally Mars (Jason Bateman) is an uptight neurotic financial analyst who finally works up the courage to reveal his true feelings for his long time best friend Kassie Larson (Jennifer Aniston). At the same time, Kassie is looking to get impregnated by artificial insemination. Unfortunately, when Wally does finally work up the courage to tell Kassie how he really feels and that he secretly swapped out her donor insemination sample with his own "offering," it's during Kassie's boyfriend, Roland's (Patrick Wilson) marriage proposal to Kassie. Still with me?

Although Kassie had previously confessed to having romantic feelings for Wally and was turned down because Wally wasn't ready to admit his feelings, Kassie still took Wally's news about swapping the samples pretty harshly. Kassie even went on to prohibit Wally from seeing both her and Sebastian, indefinitely, even though her son had really taken to her friend with whom he shared a great deal of his personality quirks. But, as you can imagine, that didn't last very long. Even though things were looking pretty dismal for Wally, the good thing was that he finally told Kassie the truth about his feelings and with the help of his friend Leonard (Jeff Goldblum), he realized that it was for the best, regardless of the outcome. Once he did that, Kassie, of course, came around.

The same could be true for us as well. Just think, the sooner you stop holding back about your true feelings and work up the courage to reveal them, you too could be on a path to a happier life. This is true whether you get your desired outcome or not. Knowing once and for all is always better than wondering. You may be sad for a while if things don't immediately go your way, but you won't be sad forever. Or, things could go your way. You just never know until you put yourself out there.

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