November 27, 2014

Don't Waste Time: One Day (2011)

We've all heard the saying, "youth is wasted on the young," is there a truer saying? Most young people tend to waste time either on things that don't matter or trying to figure things out because they think that time is on their side. But the truth is, none of us are promised tomorrow and if any of us do in fact wake up, and have our faculties, we should probably make the best of that time, fore the next day is not necessarily promised either. This is true whether you're talking about wasting time in a career that you're unhappy with or wasting your time with someone that you really don't love because you're too scared to be with the one person you are actually in love with. The latter is exactly what happened in the heartbreaking movie One Day (2011) and it just goes to show us all why not wasting time is so important.

In the movie One Day (2011), two former college mates, Emma Morley (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter Mayhew (Jim Sturgess), end up sharing their graduation night together, which then leads them to a life long friendship and eventual love affair for the ages. Although they vowed to only be friends on their graduation night, it was clear after spending the next day together that there was something more between the two, something longer lasting. Unfortunately, however, both of their cowardice in being upfront about their true feelings for one another ultimately delayed their life together for many years, leaving little to no time for a shared life before Emma's untimely death.

Throughout the bulk of the movie, we see both Emma, and particularly Dexter, each waste time doing work that they aren't passionate about as well as entertain relationships with obvious mismatched suitors. However, during all of their life trials and tribulations, Emma and Dexter always manage to remain in contact with each other and compare notes; never once not being a source of conscience or cheerleader for each other until Emma has enough of watching Dexter spiral downward into a bad way and decides to part ways with him for a couple years.

By the end of the movie, both Dexter and Emma were older and wiser, but it was only too late. Dexter, in particular, had lived what seemed like a thousand lives and finally landed on his feet in a career as a cafe owner while he managed co-parenting with his ex-wife before confessing his love to Emma. Emma, on the other hand, had finally come into her own, finally possessing the confidence she needed to pursue her writing career and a relationship with the one man that she had ever truly loved. Although their courtship and marriage was brief, their romance had truly began many years ago when they first met and despite all the years wasted in other fruitless relationships and a shallow career, Dexter ultimately realized that Emma was the love of his life and will forever remain a part of him even though she had passed on. While there was no Hollywood ending in this film, it was a heartbreaking reminder that time is precious and that whatever we're doing, if it's not what we want, then we should stop doing it right now because we could lose it all in one day.

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