December 17, 2014

There is No Stronger Bond Than Among Siblings: Your Sister's Sister (2011)

Growing up, I thought there was no greater annoyance than my siblings. I have a younger sister and she was really good at her job...following me around and trying to emulate me. That is until she realized, she would have a much better time doing her own thing. My brother, on other hand, thought I was the one that was annoying and took every opportunity he could to remind me of how good he had it before I came along.

Your Sister's Sister poster.jpgFast forward to the present day, and my relationships with my siblings is profoundly different and better. I consider the two of them among my closet friends and am quite grateful to have them in my life; although it wasn't always easy. That's the thing that people tend to forget about siblings: they take just as much (if not more) work than some of our other relationships. But, if you do the work with your siblings, you can have a rewarding friendship that will not only take you through life, but also teach you how to survive anything that comes your way. This is precisely what happened in the movie Your Sister's Sister (2011), which is an excellent reminder that all siblings go through tough times, but the bond of siblings is strong enough to bring you back together, so we should cherish it.

In the movie, Your Sister's Sister (2011), two friends Jack (Mark Duplass) and Iris (Emily Blunt), both struggle with their relationships with their siblings. Although Jack's brother had been deceased for a year, he continued to grapple with reconciling the person he knew his brother to be versus how everyone else remembered his brother. Iris, however, had a great relationship with her sister, Hannah (Rosemarie DeWitt). That is until she found out that Hannah slept with Jack (whom she had just confided in her sister that she was in love  with), which created serious tension, unlike ever before, among the siblings. Though it didn't last very long, Iris and Hannah were able to find their way back to each other before Iris and Jack embarked on a romantic relationship together.

The first time we were introduced to Jack, he was alone and sulking in the corner during a commemorative celebration of his late brother, whom Iris dated for years. He then proceeded to make a toast that called into question the perfect image that everyone else in the room chose to remember his late brother by. After a consult with Iris, he decided to take up her offer to go and spend some time alone in her family cabin where he could be work on himself. The only problem was that Iris's sister, Hannah, was there when he arrived and the two ended up spending the night together despite her being a lesbian. This ultimately created all the drama between the three; especially when Iris found out what transpired between the two and that Hannah had purposely tried to get pregnant.

By the end of the movie, it was crystal clear that nothing could come between Iris and Hannah. They  were able to get past the hurt that was caused by Hannah's indiscretion with Jack as well as Hannah outing Iris' feelings about Jack in front of him. Even Jack had apparently reached a new resolve with respect to his relationship with his own brother, which then prompted him to remove himself from the imploded situation so that Iris and Hannah could work things out. He wanted the two to repair what was broken between them because he knew the importance of their relationship.

This movie is a great reminder to us all that no matter what, a sibling bond is strong enough to survive anything. Sure, our siblings may make us angry from time to time, but they also help us to be better individuals by forcing us to look beyond the faults in others and helping us to exercise forgiveness.

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