January 4, 2015

Don't Limit Yourself: Maid in Manhattan (2002)

A woman dressed in a maids uniform is sitting with a city pictured behind her, she is looking up smiling. Above her against the clouds is an washed out blue image of her dressed elegantly and a man in suit smiling from over her shoulder.Good intentions and all, sometimes family and friends can be a little negative. This makes it hard for us to be around them, especially if you have good news to share or you have high expectations for yourself. The thing is, their negative talk isn't the most damaging, as hurtful as it may be sometimes. It's the negative self talk that gets us in a world of trouble and ultimately causes us to place ridiculous limitations on ourselves.

Instead of diverting our attention to listen to "negative Nancys," we should continue to focus on our goals without losing sight of what's important to us. Only then will we be able to achieve our goals and, who knows, we even may be able to change a naysayer into a believer. The movie Maid in Manhattan (2002), is a great reminder of this personal lesson, particularly as we start off the New Year.

In the movie Maid in Manhattan (2002), a single working class mom named Marisa Ava Marie Ventura (Jennifer Lopez) finally learns to stop imposing limitations on herself in love and her career. Growing up, Marisa's mother, Veronica Ventura (Priscilla Lopez) may have meant well but she constantly placed limitations on her daughter because of her short sided views. For the longest time, this negatively impacted Marisa's self esteem regarding her options. However, once she met and fell in love with a senatorial candidate named Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes), she began to envision more possibilities for a better life for both herself and her son. However, Marisa would first have to overcome a few obstacles by way of her mother and another woman named Caroline Lane (Natasha Richardson) eying Christopher Marshall before that could happen.

In the beginning of the movie, Marisa was content with her life as a maid working in the fancy Beresford Hotel in Manhattan, New York. She didn't have much money to throw around, no thanks to her son Ty's unemployed estranged father, but she was able to afford the basic needs for herself and her son. The only problem was, naturally, she wanted more for the two of them, especially when she met Christopher Marshall; even though her mother Veronica thought her daughter should be happy working as a maid as she had accepted for herself.

By the end of the movie, not only did Marisa finally pursue a management position-- that almost didn't happen thanks to the jealously of Carolin-- but she also got the guy and ended up serving as a positive example to both her friends and family. Even in the face of adversity, and there was, she didn't give up striving for a better life for herself and her son, and that makes this movie more than just your average romantic comedy. It also makes it one of the best reminders to not limit yourself.

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