February 23, 2015

It's Ok to Feel Lost Sometimes: The Giant Mechanical Man (2012)

Let's just be honest. None of us really have it all together and certainly not all the time. Some of us are just really good at faking it. My only problem with fakers is that they sometimes have a tendency to belittle those of us who either may not know that we are a little lost or happily own our state of confusion and discombobulation. You know, the critical know-it-alls that are always trying to tell you what you're doing wrong with some aspect of your life or how you need to "get it together" even when you're happier than they are.

Giant Mechanical Man.jpgTruth be told, no one has it all figured out or else they wouldn't be human. That's why I like the movie The Giant Mechanical Man (2012) so much. I'm not 100 percent sure if it's a chick flick, although it sure has a lot of the elements of one, but one thing is for sure; it's a great reminder of the life lesson that it's ok to feel a little lost sometimes. Because at the end of the day, we're all in uncharted territory with this thing called life.

In the movie The Giant Mechanical Man (2012), Janice (Jenna Fischer) and Tim (Chris Messina) are two seemingly lost individuals with no real sense of direction in their lives; at least according to some of the people in their lives. They don't mean to appear aimless, it's just that Janice has never really taken the time to ask herself what she really likes or wants to do with her life, while Tim on the other hand knows what he wants to do it's just that he struggles with the idea of balance between sacrifice for art and supporting himself. However, when Janice and Tim both get a job at a local zoo and become friends, not only do they fall in like with one another, but they also help each other to grow out of their seeming state of aimlessness.

When we first meet Janice, she is a struggling temp worker that eventually is fired from her agency for lack of personality. Though emotionally distraught over a lack of ability to support herself, the real drama ensues when she not only has to ask her overbearing and controlling sister to move in with her but then her sister also tries to force her into a relationship with someone she deems appropriate. At the same time, Tim has his own relationship woes. His girlfriend decides to leave him for his lack of personal and professional goals that are contributing to their financial distress. Up until that point, Tim felt that the little money he earned as a performance artist was well worth the sacrifice, as he believed he was contributing to society in a more meaningful way. With his girlfriend gone, however, he now had to financially support himself.

In the end, both Janice and Tim were able to find a sense of purpose as well as something else that they weren't necessarily looking for: love. The moral of the story here folks, you will eventually find your way. So don't listen to people who are just trying to force their own agenda on you or are constantly being critical of your decision making, because we all have our moments in which we feel lost and that's ok. So own it! It's one of the things that at some point in our lives we can all identify with as a result of the human experience. Don't let anyone tell you different.

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