March 20, 2015

All Work and No Play Make for a Dull Life: The Wedding Planner (2001)

The Wedding Planner Poster.jpgWhether you study successful people or not, you're probably aware that it takes plenty of hard work and dedication to be successful at something. This makes perfect sense because how else would you or anybody else, like a potential client/customer, know that you're serious about whatever it is that you claim to be good at. The thing is, being so focused often comes with a price: you don't make time for fun very often, if at all, and that is a real shame.

What we all should remember is that when we're so focused on accomplishing goals, we tend to lose sight of what is happening right now, right in front of us. Life passes us by and what's worse is that when you do finally achieve the success you've been working so hard towards, you won't have anyone around you to share it with. There is more to life than work, even if you do enjoy what you do. The movie The Wedding Planner (2001) is a great reminder of the very important lesson: all work and no play make for a dull life.

In the movie The Wedding Planner (2001), a highly successful and sought after wedding planner named Mary (Jennifer Lopez) gets more than she anticipates when she's asked to plan the high society wedding for an heiress, Fran Donolly (Bridget Wilson-Sampras) and her fiance Eddie (Mathew McConaughey). Little did Mary know that Eddie, her new client's fiance, was the same man that saved her life and ended up going on a date with her the night before being formerly introduced to him.  Although Mary claimed to be content with her life, just focusing on her career, she secretly longed for more play. Her chance meeting with Eddie was the perfect reminder that her life was really dull without any play in it.

While this romantic comedy was particularly light-hearted and fun, let us not forget that there is a very important reminder in it about how work isn't everything; even if you love it. We all have to make time for some play in our lives or else we end up losing sight of everything happening right in front us, right now. So, give yourself a break for once and go play. A little fun won't distract you from your goals and besides, work will still be there after you've had your fun.

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