March 4, 2015

Don't Date Jerks: The Jerk Theory (2009)

Why do women date jerks? Seriously, what is the payoff?  Maybe the payoff has something to do with self-esteem or it has to do with the idea that our society tends to make jerks synonymous with success and confidence.

Whatever the reason is it's kind of sad for both men and women when guys behave like jerks because both lose out on the potentiality of something meaningful and maybe even lasting. Even more, women also lose out on being treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve, while nice guys who are treated poorly one too many times just may end up going to the dark side and becoming a jerk as well. See, nobody wins.This is why I like the movie The Jerk Theory (2009), because it's a great reminder to both men and women that jerks are no good for either one of us. Men shouldn't aspire to be one and women definitely shouldn't date them.

In the movie The Jerk Theory (2009), nice guy Adam (Josh Henderson) decides to become a jerk after getting his heart broken by his high school girlfriend of three years. And while Adam is intent on proving that women only like being treated poorly by jerks, he falls for Molly (Jenna Dewan Tatum), who of course doesn't want to date a jerk like her ex-boyfriend and rather prefers a chivalrous guy. Although Adam and Molly find their happy ending, it wasn't without a few bumps on the romantic road; namely their both being tempted by past relationships that ultimately contributed to their relationship perversions.

Although this movie has a high school setting and revolves around high school students, the points are still valid and applicable to all ages. Both men and women should stop and take stock of the fact that jerks aren't good for anyone. Just like in the movie, being a jerk may have been perceived as "fun" initially, but the excitement of being a jerk soon wore off once Adam wanted to be with Molly; a girl who coincidentally was not interested in dating another jerk. You see, Molly found out what most women end up finding out, and that is once you've dated one jerk, you've dated them all. So I say, let's take a cue from Molly and skip to the end of this movie in our own lives where we learn the valuable lesson: don't date jerks. This way, we can spend more time with nice guys who we deserve and who deserve us.

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