March 12, 2015

You Create Your Own Luck: The Back-Up Plan (2010)

Have you ever heard that if you see a penny on the ground and it's tails side up (which is bad luck), all you have to do is turn it over so that the heads side (which is good luck) is face up before picking it up off of the ground to change your luck? I don't know if it's something only southern people say or not, but basically the point is that you create your own luck since the heads side is the side that represents good luck.

Newbupp.jpgIt's kind of poignant if you think about. People are always debating about whether or not luck is something you're born with or if you can obtain it somehow, but according to this superstition, you could absolutely create your own luck. I'd like to think that this is true since the thought of it sounds pretty good. So, let's go with that. It's also probably why I like the movie The Back-Up Plan (2010) so much; because the main characters Zoe and Stan truly exemplify what it means to create ones own luck.

In the movie The Back-Up Plan (2010), pet shop proprietor Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) finally meets and falls in love with Mr. Right, Stan (Alex O'Loughlin), after giving up on the idea that he even existed. What makes matters more complicated is that she meets him on the same day that she was successfully artificially inseminated; with twins mind you. And though he was initially intimidated by the idea of being a father to two kids that weren't biologically his, Stan soon came around to the idea after realizing that he too was in a romantic rut and needed to start creating his own luck by seizing the romantic and professional opportunities right in front of him. The same was true for Zoe. Zoe then needed to be open to the idea of getting everything she wanted; just not exactly in the way that she may have always was better.

On the surface, this movie is about having more options or contingency plans, but to me it's about something deeper: acknowledging that we all have the ability to create our own luck. Whether you're feeling unlucky in love, your career or another aspect of your life, it's important to stop and embrace the fact that you can chart a different course for your life at any given moment. So, turn that penny over to the heads side up and then pick it up, because only you can create luck for yourself by seizing opportunities right in front of you right now.

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