May 24, 2015

Give What You Want To Receive: What Women Want (2000)

Men and women are always saying how difficult it is to understand each other. But the truth of the matter is that all relationships take a bit of understanding, and sometimes a little compromise, to make them work. Otherwise, we'll all just be fighting a losing battle, prolonging an inevitable parting of ways.

Whatwomenwant.jpgInstead of focusing so much on differences, which is likely part of the problem in the first place, we should all probably focus more on the similarities. Wouldn't you agree? Like, for example, how we all just want to be treated with respect and feel appreciated. The thing is, though, that you can't go expecting someone to treat you with respect if you don't give it. Can we say aha moment? The movie What Women Want (2000) is a great reminder of not only how we all should stop and take stock of how we're treating others,but also how if we want better relationships with others we need to give whatever it is that we want to receive. That's only fair, right?

In the movie What Women Want (2000), a chauvinistic  advertising executive named Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) learned the hard way that his habit of treating women with little to no respect didn't exactly bode well for long term relationship building, even when he wanted it. You see, Nick was the kind of guy that took full advantage of his charm over many of the women around him, that is until he met his match, professionally and romantically, in a co-worker named Darcy McGuire (Helen Hunt). Luckily for him, a freak accident literally shocked him into seeing the error of his ways, but not before he took full advantage of his new found abilities to listen to women's thoughts. As it turned out, being able to listen to women's thoughts was quite eye-opening for Nick as he be began to realize just how hurtful his actions, or in some instances inaction, were affecting the women around him. This was particularly true for his relationship with his daughter, whom he developed a stronger bond with by the end.

Although this romantic comedy is light-hearted and entertaining, it also has a deeper lesson that reminds us all to be more careful about how we treat the people around us. We all shouldn't need to experience hearing the thoughts of our significant others, friends or loved ones in order to realize that we're dropping the ball somewhere and potentially really hurting someone we care about. So, let's remember to give what we want to receive, because it's only fair and because we know it's the only real way we're going to get what we want out of our relationships.

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