May 31, 2015

It's Ok To Go After What You Want: Must Love Dogs (2005)

Must Love Dogs.jpgEverybody wants something. Whether we call what we want standards, goals or desires, everybody has them...and we all should.

The thing is, merely acknowledging that we should all have standards, goals or desires just isn't enough, we have to give ourselves permission to go after whatever it is that we want too. Say, for example, that you want to relocate to a different city, but your family doesn't support your decision for whatever reason(s). By not giving yourself permission to move away, you're giving your power away to others to control your life, which ultimately means that what you want doesn't matter. That's categorically untrue.

We have to be able to champion our own causes, because as much as someone may like or love you, they just can't give the 24/7 level of commitment that your standards, goals or desires actually deserve. And that's if they actually, truly mean well by you to begin with. The movie Must Love Dogs (2005) is a great reminder that not only should we have our own standards or desires, but we should also give ourselves permission to go after them. Otherwise, we'll end up living our lives according to what others think we should be doing, which can only lead to unhappiness, at the very least.

In the movie Must Love Dogs (2005), divorcee Sarah Nolan (Diane Lane) is a people pleaser who learns the hard way that pleasing everyone around her won't get her anywhere but unhappy. Though she had a great relationship model in her parents, she didn't know how to go after what she wanted in a potential partner, or even that she had that right to. Luckily for her, and despite her family meddling in her love life, Sarah learned to not only give herself permission to want fellow dog lover Jake Anderson (John Cusack), but to also pursue him in spite of what anyone else may have thought.

Although Must Love Dogs (2005) is a super cute romantic comedy about second chances, perhaps of equal importance, it reminds us all that it's ok to want what we want and go after it as well. As far as we know, we only live once which is why it's so important for you to live your life the way you want, with whomever you want, doing whatever you want. So, what do you want? When you figure it out, just know that it's ok to go after it.

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