May 10, 2015

Let Your Actions Speak Louder Than Your Words: The Boy Next Door (2015)

When was the last time you said something that you meant to follow through with, but didn't? We all do it, some more than others, but don't you feel better when you actually let your actions do all the talking for you? 

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There's a saying: actions speak louder than words, and over the years, I have yet to meet someone who would rather someone saying something like "I love you" or "I've got your back" over actually expressing those sentiments. Would you? You see what I mean? Words have no bearing if the person who's saying them, doesn't back it up with actions. By the way, you may have noticed that the same is true for the exact opposite. Someone's lack of action can speak volumes as well. That's why I liked the movie The Boy Next Door (2015), because it's a great reminder to us all that we should take extra care to let our actions speak louder than our words.

In the movie The Boy Next Door (2015), a teacher named Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez) ends up learning the hard way that taking the passive aggressive road with some people just doesn't bring results. From the beginning, Claire kept defending to her friend Vicky (Kristin Chenoweth) the possibility of staying with her husband Garrett (John Corbett) after he cheated, but it wasn't until she strayed from the marriage herself by sleeping with the much younger next door neighbor, that she realized just how much she really wanted to work things out with her husband and get her family back together. The only problem, of course, was the fact that she slept with a sociopath with anger issues, so saying she wanted to get her family back together and actually doing it would be two different things. And though there a casualty in the process of it all, Claire ended up proving just how much she wanted her husband back and her son to be with both of his parents in the same home again.

While this movie is certainly an entertaining thriller, it is also an obvious reminder that our actions speak louder than our words. Although we may not find ourselves in the exact same situation that Claire found herself in, at least hopefully not, we still may be presented with a situation in which we too have to step up and actually prove our words to be true. If you love someone, don't just say it, show them. If you want to go back to school for a degree, stop talking about it and enroll in a program. If you want to save more money, stop mentioning it and actually open up a saving account and put some money it. So, let your actions speak louder than your words why don't you.

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