July 19, 2015

Always Leave Others Better Off For Having Met You: The Best Of Me (2015)

Think about the last time you interacted with someone. Did you seize every opportunity to leave a positive lasting impression?

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Sometimes we're all so caught up in the day-to-day business of our own lives that we don't really notice the people around us. Now, I'm not talking about the fact that they bought the new Apple watch, I mean really notice them as a person, like their mood. Sure, it may seem like yet another thing to do in our day, but honestly how much time does it really take up to say hello to someone, ask them how they're doing, and actually stick around for the answer? Or, if you see someone in need of a helping hand, how much time would it actually take from your day to help them out?

Truthfully, it doesn't take much time to lift someone's spirits. Yet we somehow end up telling ourselves that it does, which then prevents us from engaging with others and potentially leaving a positive lasting impression. If we all reminded ourselves that lifting someone's spirits ultimately reverberates more positivity into the world over, I think we would all probably make more of an effort to do so. The movie The Best Of Me (2015) is a great reminder of the powerful life lesson that we should all take the time so that we always leave others better off for having met us.

In the movie The Best Of Me (2015), oil rig worker Dawson Cole (James Marsden) ends up rekindling with his first and only love, Amanda Collier (Michelle Monaghan), after being forced to reunite upon the death of their mutual friend Tuck (Gerald McRaney). Tuck, who also served as a surrogate father figure for Dawson in his youth, had bequeathed his home to Dawson and Amanda in the hopes of giving them the opportunity to heal old wounds, because that was just the kind of guy he was. And it worked. Tuck's final act as a father figure to Dawson, coupled with the years of love and respect that he showed him, forever changed the trajectory of Dawson's life, helping him to grow into an upstanding man with high morals. Though sadly, he and Amanda couldn't be together, Dawson and Amanda did make peace with one another. In the end, Dawson couldn't escape the wrath of his own father, which ultimately caused his untimely death. But all was not lost, Dawson still had more positivity to reverberate into the world. In his final act of kindness, as an organ donor, Dawson gave his long time love Amanda's son his heart in a much-needed transplant after the teenager was badly injured in a car accident. 

While this story is obviously a sweet romantic drama that is surely to make you weep, it also serves as a great reminder that we should all never pass up an opportunity to leave a positive lasting impression on others. Like Dawson in the movie, and Tuck as well, they seized every opportunity that presented itself to be there for somebody else and do something that would reverberate more positivity into the world. Seriously, can you think of a better way to leave a positive lasting impression than to give your heart to someone? I know I can't. So, go forth and remember to always leave others better off for having met you. Let's make the world a better place, one interaction at a time.

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