September 27, 2015

Everything Happens For A Reason: Serendipity (2001)

Are you one of those people that thinks that there are no coincidences? Well, I definitely am. I think that no matter how seemingly insignificant  or random something may appear to be in your life, it really is indicative of something more, something actually significant. And you should too, perhaps.

Serendipity poster.jpg
Say, for example, you go to your favorite coffee shop and order your favorite drink, but for some strange reason they're out of the main ingredient. So, you're forced to order an alternative, but when you go to retrieve your drink you bump into this hot guy (or girl) that just so happened to order the very same thing. You two lock eyes and the rest is history.  Ok, as cheesy as that may seem/sound, it could happen. But more importantly, that's serendipity at its finest. A completely seemingly random event, like the coffee shop running out of the main ingredient for your favorite drink, turning into a benefit for you, like meeting some hot guy (or girl) that ends up becoming the love of your life (or at least a great love). See? Everything happens for reason, even if it has nothing to do with romance. The movie Serendipity (2001) is a great reminder of this important life lesson.

In the movie Serendipity (2001), Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale) and Jonathon Trager (John Cusack) find themselves experiencing more than just mutual attraction when they bump into each other for the first time in Bloomingdale's while shopping during the Christmas holidays. Despite both being involved with other people at the time, they decide to go have coffee at a little shop called Serendipity, and then go for a stroll in the park so they could spend some time together before having to go back to their lives. Things really get interesting when at the end of the night, upon their departure, Sara offers Jonathon her phone number on a piece of paper that just so happens to fly away when a buses passes by. Evidently, they weren't meant to be. At least not at that particular point in time. And while they seemingly moved on with their lives, they both never forgot about one another (and especially how the other made them feel). Fast forward several years later, unable to shake the other from memory they each try to force another serendipitous moment with the other, likely to avoid making the hard decisions to abandon their current relationships. When Sara and Jonathon finally give up on trying to find each other, that's when they find each other again, but not before being brave enough to properly walking away from their other relationships.

While this movie is a delightful romantic comedy that may even make you shed a tear by the end, it also serves as a great reminder to us all that everything happens for a reason. Like Sara and Jonathon in the movie, we could all take advantage of every seemingly random occurrence that happens in our lives, because it very well could then lead us to true happiness. And isn't that the ultimate goal anyway? So, go forth and seize all of the serendipitous moments in your life, and remember that every occurrence, no matter how seemingly small, is significant and represents a chance for true happiness.

Serendipity is currently available on Netflix.

September 12, 2015

Dig A Little Deeper: The Perfect Guy (2015)

Have you ever been drawn to someone? I think that's technically the definition of attraction, but for the sake of this post, we'll just go with "clicked with someone." After all, clicking with someone could be platonic or romantic. But, the point being, you were drawn in and couldn't explain why or wanted to fight any feelings. Trust me, you're not alone.

Everybody goes through the same thing, at some point or another. And while it's great to feel drawn in--really great, right?--we should still probably proceed with caution, because the truth is we don't really know that person. This is true no matter how much of a good feeling we get from being in their presence. After all, it could just be surface, if you get my drift. That's why we have to dig deeper to find out if the clicking is a sign of something real, and in the process of doing so, we'll hopefully learn enough about the other person to make an informed decision about whether or not we should pursue anything with them, platonic or romantic. The movie The Perfect Guy (2015) is a great reminder that we should all take the time to dig a little deeper no matter how much we are drawn towards someone we don't know. After all, there is no real way of knowing who they really are otherwise without taking the time to get to know them.

In the movie The Perfect Guy (2015), Leah Vaughn (Sanaa Lathan) has it all, beauty and brains. And though she is successful on the job and in a seemingly happy relationship, she is also growing tired of her long term disagreement with her boyfriend Dave (Morris Chestnut) about the lack of progression of their relationship into a permanent situation. Enter Carter (Michael Ealy). When Leah decides to break up with Dave, and then briefly dates Carter a short time after, she learns that maybe she shouldn't be so impetuous in her assessment of either guy, after all. Unfortunately, in order to learn that lesson, and then some, Leah has to go through quite a bit of a drama at the hands of her psychotic, murdering ex-boyfriend, Carter. By the end of the movie, Leah had not only loved and lost, but also had to resort to extreme measures to protect herself. And that was in addition to learning the lesson that maybe she shouldn't jump into things, or make rash decisions about relationships without really assessing who she's dealing with. Note to us all.

While this movie is quite an entertaining thriller, it also serves as a great reminder of an important life lesson that we should all take heed to. By taking the necessary time to get to know someone, we afford ourselves the opportunity to dig a little deeper so we can make an informed decision about whether or not we should pursue a relationship, of any kind, with that person. Although Leah's case had extreme circumstances, the moral of the story still rings true for all of us, yes? So, the take away, then, in my estimation is that we all proceed with caution, no matter how much you click with someone. Besides, if the draw or attraction is legit, it'll be that much more deeper and fulfilling if you wait to learn more about your new friend. Good luck!