October 25, 2015

Have A Little Faith: Premonition (2007)

Premonitionmp.jpgEverybody is prone to a negative thought here and there. After all, nobody's perfect, right? But that thing that seems to separate generally positive people from negative ones is the ability to fight off those random negative thoughts that we may have. In other words, positive people are able to shift their thinking to something more positive to stop themselves from being negative when the negative thoughts occur. I know, easier said than done. Trust me.

What's more, as a negative person would tell you, is that it's really easy to be positive (or have faith) when everything is going your way. The true test for us all is when things aren't going our way. You know, when "the crap has hit the fan," or something like that. We all have trials and tribulations, but as we're told it is in those trials and tribulations that our true strength of character surfaces. One of the most obvious indications of where our head is at, for better or worse, is our stance on faith during those times. And while I'm not necessarily talking about religion, if it applies than by all means consider that as well. My point has more to do with the importance of maintaining a positive outlook in spite of adversity, or having faith if you will, that things can and always will work out. The movie Premonition (2007) is a great example of that very important life lesson.

In the movie Premonition (2007), Linda Hanson (Sandra Bullock) is taken on a whirlwind emotionally taxing journey to ultimately learn to have more faith: a journey that unfortunately involves the untimely death of her husband James "Jim" Hanson (Julian McMahon). Depicted in non-chronological order, just to make things a bit interesting, Linda's story unfolds much like a version of the film Groundhog Day, only much like in real life she can never really correct any past doings in order to change the eventual future. Once Linda realizes what's happening to her, supernatural as it may be, she then turns to religion to help her figure out how to cope. Her priest then gives her a much needed lesson on faith, all the while informing her that tests are simply here to help remind us to keep the faith, no matter what. Even after seeking the guidance of her priest, Linda was still on a path to change what would eventually occur regardless. She did finally learn the lesson she was supposed to, but not before succumbing to the reality of what her priest had already advised her about, which in the end meant facing her husband's untimely death and being left a widow to raise three kids.

While Premonition (2007) is an interesting supernatural thriller, it also serves as a great reminder to us all to have a little faith. Like Linda, in the movie, we can't predict or change what the future will bring, all we really have control over is keeping the faith that things will always work out; because ultimately having and maintaining a positive outlook is all we really have to get us through whatever adversity life throws at us. The take away, then, is that we should all go forth having a little faith. Whether that takes on a religious connotation for you or not, be that as it may. Good things.

Premonition is available on Blu-ray.

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