November 15, 2015

Take Chances to Make Advances: The Ugly Truth (2009)

Are you a creature of habit? Trust me, you're not the only one. Besides, routines can be cool if you're one of those people that likes dependability and all. The only problem is when we get stuck in them and resist change, even if doing so would make your life a little easier, better.

A man and a woman leaning shoulder to shoulder, divided by a thick black line.Whether your stuck in a routine on the job or even in your personal life, it can be difficult to suddenly change how you do things. This we all know, right? The trouble is in the doing. Say, for example, you've always wanted to change careers or travel more. You know, if you never actually take that leap to make a move to get what you want you'll likely never get it. Being your same old self won't cut it if you want something more, something different, like that job change. You actually have to take the chance to get what you want, or to advance. Hello, growth. The movie The Ugly Truth (2009) is a perfect reminder to us all that we have to take chances to make advances.  

In The Ugly Truth (2009), Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is a successful morning TV show producer who just so happens to believe in true love. Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler), the cynical host of a TV show called The Ugly Truth, is the complete opposite. And while both seem content living life in their current routines, the ugly truth of the matter is that they weren't. Not until they meet each other. After a change-up at her TV station, forcing her to change with viewers, Abby and Mike find themselves working together to each other's dismay. As it turns out, the two ended up falling for each other, which presented an obvious problem given that they both weren't keen on budging from their routines, or changing. In the end, despite some silly game playing, that's exactly what they both did, but not in a I-no-longer-recognize-myself-in-a-bad-way way, it was more like a you-make-me-want-to-be-a-better-person way. They each took a chance and it worked out personally and professionally for the both of them.

While this movie is a lighthearted romantic comedy that revolves around two stubborn opposites finding love in each other, on a grander scale it also serves as a reminder that we all have to be willing to make changes in our lives if we want our situations to change for the better. Creatures of habit, like Abby and Mike in the movie, will find it difficult to take that leap, at first. After all why tempt fate when you could just as easily stick with your tried and true routines. Or, as some would say, "the devil they know." Truth be told, you could. But just know that if you do decide to stay in your old routines, you could wind up missing out on something. So, we should all take care to shake things up a bit every once in a while because apparently you have to take chances in life in order to make some advances. 

The Ugly Truth is available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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