May 19, 2016

Sometimes You Aren't 'Just Friends': Just Friends (2005)

We've all heard of it: the age old debate about whether or not men and women (in particular) can be just friends. Of course, the answer depends entirely on the person answering the question, right? While it may be true that some people, maybe even you at some point, have been able to maintain a 100 percent platonic relationship/friendship with someone of the opposite sex, wouldn't you also say that it is also certainly possible that some just can't have that 100 percent platonic relationship/friendship with someone of the opposite sex? Especially if there are feelings involved. As many may already know, the difference between the two groups really has little-to-nothing to do with all the usual stuff that makes people attracted to one another because sometimes attraction can grow out of a mutual appreciation among two people who probably have a bit in common. The movie Just Friends (2005) is the perfect example of the latter or as I like to call it sometimes you aren't just friends and quite the foundation for something interesting to unfold...certainly in the movies.
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In the movie Just Friends (2005), Chris Brander (Ryan Reynolds) is 'just friends' with Jamie Palamino (Amy Smart), only that he isn't. Chris really has been secretly in love with Jamie for who knows how long, unbeknownst to her. And while poor Chris did try to make his 'more than friends' feelings known to Jamie in her yearbook, as his luck would have it, Jamie's ex-boyfriend gets a hold of the yearbook instead and reads the meant-for-Jamie's-eyes-only love confession to everyone in attendance at Jamie's house party. Needless to say, Jamie thought Chris' words were sweet, but not sweet enough. Nothing really came of it. Fast forward ten years later and Chris is a highly successful record producer living in Los Angeles with a long list of conquests and even thinks he knows a thing or two about how to handle the opposite sex, that is to get what he wants. But when he ends up back in his hometown, despite being stuck with his ex-girlfriend on the trip and a couple of ego setbacks, Chris finally manages to confront Jamie with his feelings, feelings that never quite went away despite time and distance, to the tune of a storybook romantic ending.

While this movie is definitely a lighthearted romantic comedy, it's also a great reminder to us all that sometimes we aren't 'just friends.' That's ok. The only thing is everyone should be on the same page or else things can, and probably will, get weird. Like Chris in the movie, confronting your friend with more-than-friend feelings can be liberating and maybe even rewarding. It just depends. And while your confession shouldn't at all be based on a higher likelihood that you'll get to strike up a romantic relationship with the object of your affection, at the very least it should help you to move forward, no matter which direction that is. So, go forth and be 'just friends' or not, just follow your heart and be honest about how you feel because how else are we all supposed to be happy in this thing called life? Good luck!

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