June 2, 2016

We All Have To Grow Up Some Time: Failure to Launch (2006)

Failure to Launch.jpgBeing an adult can be a pain sometimes. This we all know. The thing is, as much as we may gripe about being on our own, out in the big scary world, the truth is if we really think about it or had the choice we probably wouldn't have it any other way. What I'm trying to say is, the positives of being a mature adult fending for ourselves far outweigh the negatives; at least when we look at the big picture. However, and as they say "you pay the cost to be the boss." And that means doing all those both annoying and awesome things we all know and associate with being a mature adult, like working, paying bills, and managing relationships (both platonic and romantic). Because let's face it, that's what adults do, right? The movie Failure to Launch (2006) is a great example of the very important life lesson that we all have to face no matter how long we may want to or even try to prolong it: we have to grow up some time. And boy is that true!

In the movie Failure to Launch (2006), Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) is a 35-year-old man living the quintessential good life (or so it seems), prolonging striking out on his own and permanently moving out of his parent's home. But the latter isn't what makes him seem stunted, it's more or less his unwillingness/fear of taking "normal" risks that would be considered adult behavior, relationships included, that keep him stuck in his current life pattern. That is, until he meets and falls for Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker), a beautiful consultant who he just so happens to meet at a furniture store, but really Tripp's parents arranged the meeting in an attempt to get him to meet/fall for her so he would be motivated to move out. It worked, sort of. In the end, although Tripp did indeed fall for Paula, he also realized that his parents and Paula were in cahoots the whole time, which prompted him to end things with his budding love just to end up with the upper-hand. That didn't happen; at least not until he made the choice to grow up, be honest about his feelings for Paula, and have an honest conversation with his parents about moving out and being completely responsible for himself (mutually exclusive, but equally necessary in this particular case).

While Failure to Launch (2006) is an enjoyable romantic comedy with great casting, it's also a great reminder that we all have to grow up some time. Like Tripp in the movie, whether we get a little push from the ones we love or not, growing up is pretty much inevitable for us all, even it seems you or someone you know is off to a so-called slow start. Be patient, we'll/they'll get there sooner or later. Especially when we/they are properly motivated, not manipulated. So, let us all go forth and embrace the maturity and adulthood that we all are meant to experience. It'll all be just fine.

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