November 22, 2016

You'll Know When It's Right: A Ring By Spring (2014)

Image Credits: Hallmark Channel
Love is a funny thing, isn’t it? When it shows up it may not be the person you envisioned falling for (like a friend you suddenly have feelings for) or you may find love when you're not really looking for it -- notice how I avoided using the words "inconvenient timing" because, well, is there really such a thing? That's kind of the point of it all, right? As the saying goes, all is fair in love. The one thing that we can count on about love, thankfully, is that when it does, in fact, show up in our lives, we'll know when it's right. How can I be so sure? Well, not only do all the really great romantic comedies tell us so, but we also know that we'll know when it's right because when we realize we're in love, we will be forever changed. At least that's what happened in A Ring By Spring (2014), yet another great example of a life lesson from a chick flick: You’ll know when it’s right. So, let that be a reminder to us all to stop wondering if someone is right for us because if art imitates life, we'll know when we've found it. And doesn’t that sound nice?

Image Credits: Hallmark Channel
In the movie A Ring By Spring (2014), successful Business Consultant Caryn Briggs (Rachel Boston) has everything going for her, well, except for the fact that she's a cynic about the existence of true love, which pretty much started after she read Romeo & Juliet as a child. Unlike most, Caryn read the romantic classic and decided that it was lame to give up anything for love. She basically felt that being in love implied a sacrifice, a sacrifice that seemed very much unappealing to a young Caryn even as she grew older and began dating. The only problem with her theory on love is that it left her with constant disappointments in the love department, with a trail of exes that felt that she lacked “long term” potential. Offense aside, it wasn’t until she met Tom Halsey (Kirby Morrow) on a consulting assignment and he began to open her eyes to the truth of her relationship with her then-boyfriend, a guy that told her to her face that she wasn’t marriage material, that Caryn started to think of things differently for the first time. She began to start seeing her parents’ loving and affectionate relationship as desirable for herself. However, it wasn’t until she finally relinquished the idea of getting a ring by spring, per the Psychic Madame Rue (Stefanie Powers), that Caryn ended up really seeing the true love that was right in front of her the whole time, in Tom, which she was finally able to see as a result of realizing just how much her ex wasn’t right for her. In the end, Caryn came around to the idea of having the kind of love that her parents have and got her ring by spring.  

Image Credits: Hallmark Channel
While A Ring By Spring is definitely a heartwarming, feel-good romantic comedy, it’s also a great reminder to us all that when it comes to love, you’ll know when it’s right. Just like Caryn in the movie, when it was right she didn’t need a nudge or to convince herself because she already knew it. She already felt it. I bet art imitates life and the same is true for you and me too. So, let us go forth and stop pursuing love and let it find us instead because when it’s right, we’ll know it.  

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