December 28, 2016

Stop Wishing For Things You Already Have: My Christmas Love (2016)

Video from My Christmas Love
Image Credits: Hallmark Channel
Have you ever wished for something only to realize that the very thing you were wishing for was right in front of you all along? So many of us want meaningful and lasting love, but fail to see the potential for love right in front of us. That's exactly what happened to Cynthia in the holiday-themed romantic comedy My Christmas Love. Cynthia, a hopeless romantic, just can't seem to find the kind of friendship and love that her parents had, even though she tried ... and tried ... and tried. The problem was that she was trying too hard to force love instead of taking pause and realizing what she had right in front of her the whole time. My Christmas Love is a great reminder to all of us of the valuable life lesson to appreciate what we have. As it turns out, stopping to smell the roses (or the fresh snow in this case) could just be what we need to realize what we've wanted was right in front of us all along.

Image Credits: Hallmark Channel
In the movie My Christmas Love, Cynthia Baker (Meredith Hagner), the aforementioned hopeless romantic, just can't seem to find a meaningful and lasting love. Desperate to have the kind of romantic love affair that her parents had, Cynthia knew that friendship and a spark were necessary ingredients for the kind of love story that she wanted to have. Too bad she kept chasing love in all the wrong places. That is until she got a better-late-than-never wake-up call while visiting her hometown for the Christmas holiday with her best friend/employee Liam Pollok (Bobby Campo). All it took was a daily reminder of what real and true love is, thanks to daily deliveries representing the 12 Days of Christmas, and a couple failed attempts at rekindling old flames that finally helped Cynthia to see that she was looking for love where it didn't exist. Trying to hit on your ex-boyfriend who's now a priest can do that to you, right? Turns out, love, that is meaningful and lasting love, was with her all along in the form of her best friend/employee Liam. And thank goodness real and true love is patient and forgiving because Cynthia's seeming last-ditch effort to find love over the Christmas holiday by turning her attention to Liam (since nothing else panned out) couldn't keep the two lovebirds from reuniting and pledging their love for one another, even though Liam was initially hurt by the appearance of being her last choice. In the end, it all worked out for Cynthia (and her beau Liam) because she finally started to really appreciate the relationship she had with her best friend.

Image Credits: Hallmark Channel
While My Christmas Love is a cute, light-hearted Hallmark Channel holiday classic-in-the-making, it's also a great reminder to us all about one of the true gifts of the holiday season: appreciation. Like Cynthia, we all could take a little time every day, not just during the holidays, to really appreciate the people in our lives and what a gift they are to us. So, let us all go forth and cherish the time we have with the people around us, appreciating every moment we have with them while we have it because they just might be our wishes come true. Happy Holidays!

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