March 8, 2017

You Decide Who You Want To Be: Colombiana (2011)

A woman holding a gun in two hands, as if in prayer.
Choices. Our days are filled with them. Some small and seemingly inconsequential, and some huge and life-altering. And while the gravity of those choices is likely based on our perception alone, and not reality, the fact of the matter is that we still face a certain amount of choices on a daily basis, some of which will impact our present and to an extent our future, too. The only problem is sometimes we make choices based on misinformation or in moments of some kind of devastation or tragedy. These defining moments then become our driving force for the kind of person we then choose to be, sometimes for the better and sometimes not. Either way, whatever choice we make in one seemingly fleeting moment in our lives doesn't have to define who we are for the rest of our lives. We can always make another choice and change direction. For Cataleya Restrepo (Zoe Saldana), making her choice was easy, as it often is for us all. It was what came after that was the hard part, which is why the movie Colombiana (2011) is a great reminder of the important role we all have as a choice-maker, and that we all get to decide who we want to be with every choice we make. While it was easy to make a life-altering choice to pursue a life of crime in vengeance of her parent's brutal slaying when she was only 9-years-old, her young mind didn't necessarily fully think through just what that entailed or what would become of her (physically, psychologically, etc.) after she accomplished her goals. That's the thing about the choices we make, whether we make them of sound mind or not, there are always consequences of those choices.

In the movie Colombiana, choosing a life of crime was in all likelihood in the cards for Cataleya Restrepo, the beautiful and bright daughter of a drug lord's assassin. It was inevitable ... at least at first. What Cataleya probably didn't anticipate, however, was the possibility that her future involvement in crime would involve seeking vengeance on Don Luis Sandoval, her father's former employer and the man responsible for the murder of both her parents. Shortly after her parents' deaths, at the tender age of nine, Cataleya began working with her uncle to train to become an assassin. Although she took on many assignments to hone her skills, she did it all with the intention of one day accomplishing her ultimate goal: To track down Don Luis Sandoval and enact revenge for her parents. By the age of 24, and in spite of her uncle urging her to retire, Cataleya's assassin career had finally been aligned with that of her ultimate target Don Luis, thanks to a meeting with a FBI detective where she, of course, threatened the life of his family -- after all, she is an assassin. Long story short, Cataleya makes good on her life-long goal to avenge her parents' murder, and now her uncle and grandmother, too, by killing Don Luis and his close-by cronies. The only problem is after spending her whole life being a career criminal, waiting for the moment to kill Don Luis, Cataleya was now faced with a new decision: Who does she want to be now? Especially since her choices leading up to that moment left her with no family and future questionable contact with the man she met and fell in love with on her previous journey. Although at the end of the movie she boarded a bus going to who knows where you can bet that Cataleya's future would have likely taken a turn for the better as a result of some different choices.

Action-packed and highly entertaining, Colombiana is a great reminder to us all about the gravity of the choices we make regarding who we want to me. Although Zoe Saldana's performance is captivating, alongside her striking beauty, there is a lot of depth to this film that can teach us all about that important life lesson. Like Cataleya in the movie, we all face choices that will affect our lives (and more often than not others as well) and shape who we are. The good news is if we don't like who we are or who we're becoming, we can always make a different choice. So, let us all go forth and make the choices that reflect the kind of person we want to be, now and always.

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