Chick Flicks vs. Romantic Comedies

Sleepless in seattle.jpgOne of the biggest misconceptions is that chick flicks and romantic comedies are one and the same. WRONG! A chick flick is a movie geared towards female audiences. They typically are tearjerkers like "The Notebook" or sentimental like "Sleepless in Seattle." Romantic comedies are just that. They are also female oriented movies, of a romantic nature, that are generally funny or comedic in nature. "Bride Wars" is a romantic comedy, but "You've Got Mail" is not. Key point: If you're laughing, it's probably a romantic comedy, but if you're crying, it's probably just a chick flick. Keep in mind that chick flicks is a broad term used to describe movies centered around the lives of female main characters. In other words, all romantic comedies are chick flicks, but not all chick flicks are romantic comedies.

The purpose of this website is to prove that chick flicks are more than just attractive people navigating faux crises. By decoding the relevant themes in chick flicks, I intend to reveal full proof strategies to improve lives. Come join me on this journey as I seek to turn a hobby into an improved way of life.

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